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Monday, July 14 Seattle, WA EVENT
Tuesday, July 15 Cape of Disappointment, WA to Clatskanie, OR 55 Miles
Wednesday, July 16 Clatskanie, OR to Portland, OR 72 Miles
Thursday, July 17 Portland, OR EVENT
Friday, July 18 Portland, OR to Bingen, WA 71 Miles
Saturday, July 19 Bingen, WA to Roosevelt, WA 67 Miles
Sunday, July 20 Roosevelt, WA REST
Monday, July 21 Roosevelt, WA to Umatilla, OR 52 Miles
Tuesday, July 22 Umatilla, OR to Dayton, WA 85 Miles
Wednesday, July 23 Dayton, WA to Lewiston, ID 67 Miles
= 469 Miles


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  • elementalone

    GO!, GO!, GO! DYNAMIC TRIO !!! We´re all following you… such an inspiration being part of the Hive, I WANNA BE THERE!.
    Shawn : just wondering if you´re gonna trade the session which opens today sunday July the 20th … as “REST” day, maybe taking the opportunity not having to pedal your bike ??
    Anyway, all the best to you, to your family and to the great team accompanying you Mentor !

  • Joe Recchi

    Love following your trip, sounds like you are all having a great time.

    Why are the financial stats of the journey NOT updating?

    Have (more) fun.

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Every time we tell people what we are trying to do, they always respond with "wow, that is incredible. I wish I could do something like that". That is exactly how we feel. Its something that we have always wanted to be able to do. Spreading the word about Apiary along the way was a perfect compliment too.


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