Leg 5 Map

The Riders


Shawn Lucas

Shawn Lucas - Head TraderShawn Lucas is the founder and fund manager at Apiary Fund. With a degree in economics, he began his career as a broker for Fidelity and Charles Schwab where he worked the trading desk and processed orders for high net worth investors. An expert in the field of technical and economic analysis of the financial markets, Lucas has since established his reputation as a thought leader and guest speaker for several financial companies including Reuters and TD Ameritrade. He has traveled extensively throughout the world providing lectures, training, consulting, and expert testimony to companies and individuals on the art and science of financial analysis. Lucas has authored sixteen books and studies on the use of technical and economic analysis in stock, option, and futures trading. His simple and methodical approach to the markets has helped thousands of investors better understand and improve their performance and profitability in the financial markets.


Colton Chesnut

Colton Chesnut - Technical DirectorColton has worked with Apiary since the beginning, building the websites and technology that make its global perspective possible. He loves spending time with his wife and daughter, taking pictures, and of course …creating software.


Darrell Anderson

vpxl overnight canadian pharmacy, phentermine 37.5 mg canada. Darrell Anderson - PresenterDarrell is an easygoing presenter who conducts orientation meetings to explain the concept and purpose of the Apiary Fund. In the past his career has consisted of traveling the world to introduce people to new opportunities and his time here is no different. Darrell genuinely loves talking to people and learning about their lives.


Besides Shawn’s wife and kids, other friends and family are joining us for portions of the journey. Here’s the group on the Columbia River:

Friends and family members are joining the group for different portions of the trip.

Check out the schedule if you’d like to join us and ride for a day!

Our Motive

Every time we tell people what we are trying to do, they always respond with "wow, that is incredible. I wish I could do something like that". That is exactly how we feel. Its something that we have always wanted to be able to do. Spreading the word about Apiary along the way was a perfect compliment too.


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    Fezzari Bicycles
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    Shift Cycle Wear
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    Apiary Fund
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    Good 2 Go Bars
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    Young Living
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    Allred's Ace Hardware