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Event Schedule

free events

Free meetups where you can learn about the concept and purpose of the Apiary Fund, meet the riders, and likely other traders in the program.

Seattle, WA July 14
Portland, OR July 17
Billings, MT August 6
Rapid City, SD August 11
Des Moines, IA August 27
Cedar Rapids, IA August 30
Davenport, IA September 2
Naperville, IL September 5
Fort Wayne, IN September 10
Indianapolis, IN September 11 Register
Cleveland, OH September 16 Register
Buffalo, NY September 20 Register
Rochester, NY September 23 Register
Syracuse, NY September 25 Register metformin 1000 mg, blueberry 100 viagra review.
Springfield, MA October 1 Register
Worchester, MA October 3 Register
Boston, MA October 4 Register

Summit Schedule

Traders’ Summit

Three full days of trading demonstration and instruction from market professionals for only $497

Boston, MA October 6-8  Learn More

Our Motive

Every time we tell people what we are trying to do, they always respond with "wow, that is incredible. I wish I could do something like that". That is exactly how we feel. Its something that we have always wanted to be able to do. Spreading the word about Apiary along the way was a perfect compliment too.


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    Eboost Energy
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    Fezzari Bicycles
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    Shift Cycle Wear
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    Apiary Fund
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    Good 2 Go Bars
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    Young Living
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    Allred's Ace Hardware